Our Specialties

Clean and easy to follow engineering plans.

As your partner in the construction process, we work to provide you with dependable analysis and organized documentation for your build team.

Gravity Analysis

Complete load tracking service.

Our complete load tracking service is valued by our clients. We’ll review the designer’s plans, roof truss and floor joist submittals and analyze the structure from the roof to the foundation to ensure your home’s framing and foundation are properly designed for the necessary loads.

Lateral Analysis

Resilient and economical lateral force-resisting systems.

We take pride in designing a resilient and economical lateral force-resisting system with thorough analysis calculations for wind and seismic loads. Your plans will be clear and show the necessary information to provide your structure a complete lateral load path from the roof down to the foundation. Because of our region’s seismic zone and high winds, lateral load engineering is required for most homes before a building permit is issued.

Construction Documents

Construction Documents

Organized document preparation to streamline your build process.

We provide structural calculations and drawings that are easy to follow. Our clients appreciate the organized, clean, and straightforward format we use to present construction documents and have come to rely on this service for a trouble-free building process.

Construction Administration

Construction Administration

Responding quickly to your needs.

We understand situations may come up during construction requiring our attention to keep your project moving, which is why we will respond to these issues quickly. Whether it’s a plan review issue, stamped review memo, or a detail outlining a repair, you’re assured a timely response. Our team is also available for site visits to verify structural design conformance when needed.

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