Yes, We Engineer Homes
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Yes, We Engineer Homes

Those words are at the heart of everything Green Mountain Structural Engineering specializes in. This new engineering firm is an outgrowth of two successful small engineering companies that have outstanding reputations for providing quality engineering services for residential projects. With many years in the industry, the firm’s engineers have developed an exceptional approach to engineering homes, with the end result being efficiently designed structures with plans that are clear and easy to follow.

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our services

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Lateral analysis for wind and seismic loads

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Gravity analysis for dead and live loads 

Foundation analysis for retaining, basement, and cantilevered walls 

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Calculations and structural plans for permitting

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Located in Vancouver Washington, Green Mountain Structural Engineering is focused exclusively on the single family residential market – specifically, subdivision homes, custom homes and town-homes. The firm’s engineers have a well-reputed history in Washington and Oregon, both with local contractors and jurisdictions.

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